请 read below for answers to common questions about becoming an exchange student. For any questions not answered in our FAQ below, please 澳门买球投注网. 我们期待收到您的来信!

对你.S. 希望出国的学生

Not exactly - as it depends upon which country is your exchange destination. 作为交换生, 你的主要目标之一肯定是尽你所能提高你在东道国的语言技能. 你的寄宿家庭和学校不希望你这样 流利的 当你到达时. 然而, students exchanging to the USA have minimum language proficiency requirements. 通过NWSE交换到其他国家的学生需要至少有一年的交换目的地语言的高中外语学习-或者至少花了一个夏天(大约一年). 3 months) of intensive foreign language courses to bring them to a minimum level of proficiency.
Can I select my classes before I arrive at my host 学校?
在大多数情况下, 交换生根据学业要求和接收学校的课程情况被分配到不同的班级. You may not be able to choose/receive all the classes you wish to take. While we are happy to inform the host 学校 of your preferences, there is no guarantee that you will be placed in all your desired courses. 一般, exchange students register for their classes only after they have arrived at their host 学校. 请与您的NWSE协调员和/或您的寄宿家庭联系,了解您的寄宿学校的具体班级注册程序.
不能保证你能在国外上你家乡学校认可的“学分”课程。. 在你出国之前,你需要与NWSE和你自己的学校一起决定是否以及如何获得你在国外的学校作业的学分. 最后,你的唯一责任是找出并遵守你的学校可能对从国外转移/接收学分的任何要求.
是的. 作为NWSE的交换生, 你将在你的祖国参加出发前的培训,以及在你的东道国参加抵达后的培训. 这些辅导旨在帮助你充分利用你的计划,并有一个安全和成功的交换经验.
作为NWSE的交换生, 你会有一个国内地区协调员,他会在遇到问题的时候帮助你. 如果您需要帮助,您也可以随时联系NWSE办公室的项目协调员或拨打NWSE 24小时热线电话. 我们致力于为所有的学生提供支持,帮助他们有一个安全、快乐的交流经历.
While you are abroad, you are responsible for covering all your personal expenses. 由于消费习惯和当地物价差异很大, it is difficult to say exactly how much money you will need to bring. NWSE通常建议学生每月至少有200美元,外加每学期250美元的个人费用, 虽然可能需要更多的资金.g. 如果你经常乘坐公共交通工具的话). 也请查收 我们的兑换国家页面 for the program fees and information about other expenses. 如果你还有其他问题, 请澳门买球投注网.
You will need a valid passport to apply for your visa or residency permit and travel abroad. 你可以 了解如何申请美国签证.S. 护照在这里. NWSE将为您提供有关如何申请签证或居留许可的详细信息. 然而, 您有责任采取所有必要的步骤来获得签证或居留许可,并支付所有相关费用. 请 note that some countries require you to travel to one of their consulates in the U.S. 申请签证.
Because it is our priority to find suitable and motivated host families for our students, we do not guarantee placements in a specific city or area in the host country. 经验表明,交换的成功与安置的地理位置无关,而主要取决于学生能够与寄宿家庭建立的关系, 同行, 以及他们所在社区的其他人. If you already know a family who is willing to host you in one of our 交流的国家,我们也许可以考虑让你与他们合作. 请 澳门买球投注网 澳门足球开户信息.
寄宿家庭的组成差别很大. While some families have children who attend high 学校, 其他人可能有更小的孩子, 不再住在家里的大一点的孩子, 或者没有孩子. 作为交换生, 你应该有足够的积极性, 开放的, 无论寄宿家庭是否有和你同龄的孩子,你都能与他们建立良好的关系.
而NWSE项目的申请人通常期望平均绩点(GPA)为3.0 / 4.0, NWSE considers a wide range of factors when making a decision about a student’s acceptance. If a student can demonstrate appropriate qualifications in other areas, NWSE可以接受GPA低于3分的学生.0.
欢迎在期望课程开始后几个月内高中毕业的学生申请NWSE到除英国以外的任何国家的出境课程, 日本, 挪威, 或瑞典. 毕业的学生与其他学生在课程上的学术期望是一样的.
作为交换生, 你的首要任务是通过积极参与寄宿家庭的日常生活来了解东道国的文化, 学校, 和社区. 如果你想在项目期间旅行, you must request permission from NWSE well in advance of the desired trip. Some travel during the program is generally prohibited, e.g. trips to the home country (except under certain circumstances).
After NWSE has received your application and has interviewed you, it may take anywhere between a few weeks to several months before your placement is confirmed. 招募和筛选寄宿家庭以及确保学生入学是一个复杂而耗时的过程. NWSE将及时通知您的安排,以便您为旅行和课程开始做好所有必要的准备.



请浏览我们的 德国 or 日本 页面或 请求更多信息. 我们期待收到您的来信!

May I participate on a sports team at my host 学校?
北西或任何其他交流机构均不得保证或承诺参加任何主办学校的运动队. Each host 学校 or 学校 district has it's own requirements and procedures for participation. That being said, almost all students desiring to try out for a sports team are allowed to do so.
Semester and reciprocal exchanges usually last 5-6 months. 学年交换持续约10个月. J-1 exchanges are limited to a maximum of one academic year in length. F-1 exchanges may allow for significantly longer exchanges. 接触NWSE directly 澳门足球开户信息 about F-1 exchanges.
NWSE或任何其他交流机构都不能保证或承诺J-1交换项目的主办学校毕业. Each host 学校 or 学校 district has it's own requirements and procedures for graduation, or may have potential other alternative ways to recognize that you attended their 学校.
Exchange students driving is not allowed on the NWSE program. 学生可以参加驾驶教育课程,但不能在交换期间开车.
首先你应该浏览我们的整个网站. Then feel free to call or email us your questions at nwse@jacobswellstore.com. or +1 206 527 0917. 我们会立即将您需要的信息发送给您. If you are already prepared to send a full application to us, please 网上注册. Make sure to 澳门买球投注网 by email or phone with any questions you may have any time. 我们期待收到您的来信!
很容易! If you already want to send a full application to us, simply 网上注册. Fill in the registration form completely and submit it according to the instructions. Make sure to also 澳门买球投注网 by email or phone with any questions you may have. 我们期待收到您的来信!
NWSE does not normally guarantee your placement in a specific city or state, unless you are on a "direct exchange" or "direct placement". 对于所有其他位置, 我们将您的申请信息发送到我们的学术协调员网络,并为您匹配我们认为最适合您的家庭或交流伙伴. 对于“直接安置”-如果您可以在您希望学习的特定区域推荐符合NWSE所有接受资格的寄宿家庭和寄宿学校, 那么,我们就可以把你的请求视为……直接/私人配售". In such instances you will enjoy substantial reductions in our program fees.